Michael Millfield & The Attitude Band
Funky og groovy R&B, komponeret, arrangeret og produceret af Trompetisten Michael Millfield.

Med inspirationen hentet hos Earth Wind & Fire, Incognito, Brand New Heavies, & Tower of Power, er her tale om en funky energiladning med groovy basfigurer,
solidt trommespil, velswingende guitar og den gode gamle retrolyd af Fender Rhodes og Hammond Orgel.

Med en 5 mands blæsersektion er der powerfuld aftrykning med pågående riffs, blæsertemaer, euforiserende saxsoloer og en FUNKY Baritonsaxofon
i bunden af lydbilledet.

The Attitude Band er smækfyldt med Energi, Power og Attitude og kan opleves live med internationale musikere og sangere som har spillet med: 
Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Sting, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Tower of Power, Larry Graham samt danske solister som Sanne, Burhan G og Erann.


Dear Michael,
Wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your album!  You were nice enough to give it to me as a birthday gift at the Green Mill in Chicago last month.  Yes, I'm Deb the birthday girl from the Mill.
Your cd is great!  I listen to it quite often. I waited until I could offer a coherent opinion. So here goes.  I think that the compositions are wonderful.
Really nice trumpet solos on Tell me is it Love and Fandango.  It was great to really hear you play because you have such great range.  
On the south side of Chicago, we would say that She Means Everything to me is a "jam!"  You just have to get up and couple dance to it. 
Really great groove and your fluglehorn solo is so sweet.  It is a mood setter!  Absolutely my favorite cut.

 Don't Come Too Near is a perfect party cut. You can even dance alone to it.  Great fun.

For the majoroity of my life, I've loved Toots Thielemans.  How great to hear this partnership on Move Your Feet. Wonderful solo by you. 
Hands in the air, waving like you just don't care!  :-)   This is happy music my friend!

 I really like the chourus of You are the One.  Nice harmonies and  as usual, great high notes that stand out from you.

 I love tha Latin flavor of Salsa Fiesta.  Great tempo.  Another perfect dance tune, providing a great splash to end the side.  It really puts a proper spotlight on how great you play.  Muy caliente Poppy!

 I can't thank you enough for my gift.  It is the freshest addition to my collection.  Can't wait for more music from you.

 Best of everything to you!

Deb Smith

Birthday girl from the Green Mill in October 2011